Friday, February 13, 2009

My take on Valentine's Day...

Anyone out there watch Seinfeld?

I get a huge kick out of many an episode, but one that comes to mind today is the one where Jerry and his girlfriend are all lovey dovey in how they talk to each other and it drives George and Elaine crazy. "You're my schmoopie", "No, you're MY schmoopie..." and on and on ad nauseum.

Brad and I couldn't be further from that scene. We are NOT lovey talkers or whatever you want to call them.

We have "pet" names for each other. Real exciting. I'm "nug" and he's "spousie" or "spouse". Very creative. I realize I rarely call him by his first name though. That's kind of weird.

So, I should call today Random Thoughts with Sarah. I'm full of them today. I'm thinking back to high school and the dreaded Valentine carnation purchase. I went to a Christian high school and some group in the school would have a fundraiser every year on Valentine's Day. You would order and purchase $1 carnations in different colors (each color would mean something) to give to your friends, sweetheart, or whoever. Then, they would be delivered in first or second period, so it was very exciting to see who you would get flowers from, and, conversely, really sad when you wouldn't get them from someone you liked.

Looking back, I realize how much I hated that day. I hated the worry and wondering about whether or not I was going to get ANY flowers, let alone from a special someone. I worried about other people that wouldn't be getting any, and how they would feel. I worried about the reaction I would get in response to giving a flower to a special person. Oh, the angst of high school.

Don't make me go back ------ aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!

Valentine's Day to me is a high expectation, low return holiday. I remember many a day in my high school and college years of having grandiose ideas about how the day would play out, only to have it dashed with disappointing realities. I grew to dread the holiday, picking up hours where I worked to avoid the possibility of spending the evening alone while EVERYONE else in the world was celebrating their love. Oh, the warped perception of youth.

From early on in my married life, Brad and I didn't do much to celebrate Valentine's Day - we went with the motto that every day is Valentine's Day, and we didn't need a special day to proclaim our love. (Plus, we had NO money so the thought of him purchasing flowers or something like that would have caused a huge fight most likely!) As we've matured in our marriage, we find though that we do need to take time out and make a special point of doing things together, because it is easy to have days and weeks go by without any couple time. That is an ongoing commitment we have to one another - and we both have to work at finding the undivided time.

So, I have no grandiose ideas for V-day. I don't have a gift yet or even a card for my dh. I have nothing for my kids. I am planning on making cookies with them, which will be complete with pink frosting and sprinkles, a rare treat around here. But, I am searching my brain for some ideas of something special to do to make it memorable. I think I want to teach my kids that love is for each and every day of the year, and not something to be officially observed on February 14th. But, I do want to recognize that it is a day to share together.

So, what are you planning on doing? Are you spending time alone with your spouse? Cooking a special meal? I'm interested to hear...maybe I'll get some ideas too!

Now, I leave you with this - what an amazing gift of love we have from our heavenly Father, who loves us each day the same, no questions asked. No lack of carnations, or flowery cards, or nights alone can separate us from the love that is there for the taking.

Grasp the love, and cling tightly my friends.

Blessings to all of you...


Amy said...

You know, I used to BIG into Valentine's Day when I was single and had nobody... But now, I feel the same.. and I don't think it's denial or anything like that.. well..because I am really good that.. but that a whole 'nother!
Ok, so, Valentines.. so we decided this year, NOT to pay a stinkin' 5 bucks for a card for each other.. I told my honey I would rather he just grab a piece of paper and share his heart. Save a tree and some monies for goodness sake! ;)
We did go out last night for din din and a movie... we had been wanting to go out on a date anywho, but we got free babysitting saying it was for V-Day! LOL!! My mom was more than happy too!! ha ha ha..isn't that so bad?!! Ok ok.. so... I am HUGE into everyday loving my family well... sooo that is my take! done..over and out, good buddy!


Amy said...

Heesh, can my spelling be any worse that my last comment? Gah!

Joyce said...

Hey, Sarah,

My husband and I can't call one another by our given names either! Like you two, we're not overly 'mushy', but have grown accustomed to our pet names for one another.

Thinking of what you've said here reminds me of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Have you read it? I think you would LOVE it (there are a few books). It's all about different people feeling and giving love in different ways. I enjoy serving others and giving them thoughtful gifts. My husband does what needs to be done, and works hard, and that's love. And it is, I've come to learn. <3

Contest Chris said...

Great post! In fact, it is the Featured Post over at Worth a Thousand Words.