Monday, January 19, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook - January 19, 2009

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Outside my window...Cloudy day, but happy it is not so cold. 20 degrees feels like springtime around here

I am thinking...what a blessing it is to be able to stay home with my kids and teach them in our home

I am thankful dh who gets up and goes to work every day, manages the finances, is active in our church, and leads a godly life to be an example for his family and everyone he encounters

From the learning rooms...JT is taking a math test, JD is rushing through his work as he has computer on the brain, TJ is at my beck and call to start whenever we can get her going

From the kitchen...need to make a menu plan for the week. I did really well over the weekend cooking meatloaf, chicken and rice, but now I need to plan for the week. I think I will do beef stew and crusty bread or a different soup tonight

I am wearing...wool socks, jeans, long sleeve white tee and flannel shirt

I am creating...lesson plans for the week and trying to get a calendar for all of our activities updated

I am the dreaded Walmart to take back a few things and get some necessities; We're getting a Kohl's and Target on this side of town in the next year and I can't wait!!

I am reading...nothing right now. My attention span has been poor and I haven't been able to focus on some of the library books I have checked out. Just too many other things to do that I haven't been able to enjoy reading

I am continue to keep on top of the organization around this house - seems like it is a continual battle with us here all day and one project always leads to another!

I am hearing...TJ chattering about her birthday party for her stuffed bear, JD humming as he does math problems and JT humming his way through a math problem as well. The low grade noise is all over the place.

Around the house...I need to find a final resting place for the rest of the Christmas gifts that are still in our living room. We've been playing the games frequently and they need to get a special home where we'll still get them out. I find if they are easily accessible, we play them more often.

One of my favorite prayer shawl and my cup of coffee with my bible in hand

A few plans for the rest of the week: payroll, statements at the office, general cleaning around the house, choir for kids, final prep for Discovery workshop at church if we get a few more people

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Special cousins together at Christmas...

I hope you all have a blessed week!


Jenny said...

What a beautiful cabin! And kids would love the snow, until it was time to feed the animals for the upteenth day in a row in snow and frigid temps. Thanks for visiting my Daybook!

Jen said...

We have a lot of sun here today. The children finished up their school work so they are now out sledding! It is funny how 20 degrees feels like spring to us. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your daybook today!


Nessa said...

Great daybook entry. All that snow is just beautiful!

Have a blessed week!

Joyce said...

Hi, Sarah,
Your busy, homey Daybook was so enjoyable.
What are Discovery workshops?
Have fun with your menu planning.