Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 things you may or may not know about me...

My fellow blogger, Joyce, at Mom's Musings, had been "tagged" to write 25 goals, facts, and habits about herself and challenged others to do the same. Since I am the queen of random thoughts, I thought I would take the challenge. Try it yourself and see what kind of things come to mind. My goal is to write 25 things in way less than 5 minutes.

1. Coffee is my favorite beverage but I would substitute an umbrella drink on the beach if needed.
2. I homeschool my three children, work for my husband, while trying to manage our household.
3. I love to read, particularly Christian fiction, but I am working on adding more non-fiction to my repertoire.
4. I have a stack of Christian, self-help books at my bedside, mostly half read.
5. I am a hermit at heart, and don't mind if I don't leave the house for days.
6. I can wiggle my ears and my nose at the same time.
7. I prefer salty snacks to sweet, hands down.
8. I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate.
9. I used to practice crawling out of car windows because I wanted to be a flight attendant.
10. I have to work at being an optimist, but I continue to try and improve.
11. I love to take baths to get warm to the core.
12. I used to be an occupational therapist, but have let my license lapse.
(5 minutes have come and gone...)
13. We are a Survivor family - we love the show; we DVR it so that my kids don't have to watch the nasty commercials - we DVR most shows for the same reason. We don't watch a lot of TV, but dh and I love Top Chef, Frasier, and Seinfeld
14. I would like to learn to knit and/or crochet
15. I don't get home to see my mom, or call her often enough
16. My dad died when I was 12, and he was a pastor
17. I am so thankful that I was raised in a godly home, and am married to a godly man who loves me with all his heart
18. I am proud to be the mother of my three children and greatly blessed in that I can stay home with them every day
19. I am not too proud to say that some days my children are not too happy that I stay home with them every day :)
20. Dad is the fun one in this relationship - I don't "play" very well
21. I am getting tired of saying "I"
22. I need to read my bible more, exercise more, and eat better
23. Some of my closest friends were initially met through the internet via the curriculum I use...but I have been blessed to be able to grow a relationship with them and see them once a year the past few years. I hope it can continue!!
24. My biggest issues that I deal with most likely boils down to my selfishishness
25. I hate the ending of the movie Message in a Bottle

Wow - that was harder than I thought.

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Joyce said...

Hi, Sarah! I enjoyed reading your responses. I'm with you on #s 1, 5, 8 and 18. :P

I think being a 'hermit at heart' is one reason I was such a contented stay-at-home, home school mom for so many years. I truly, truly enjoyed those days! I guess another reason is that I sure love my children.