Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A post for the sake of posting...

Goodness, this blog has not worked out the way I had intended. It is barely all I can do to get two posts a week done. I had originally planned for this to be my so-called "journal" of sorts, with grandiose ideas of capturing special moments from our lives and compiling it into one area for easy access. So far, that really hasn't worked very well!

It seems life is so busy, and I'm constantly moving from one fire to the next. There's nary a time to breathe and just "be". When I do, I either feel guilty and I'm back up again to move to the next thing on my list, or I fall asleep! Seriously, sitting down and relaxing for a moment really does nothing but make me tired!

Today, I'm going to just jot down a few things I would like to accomplish by this time next week. At least then I will have a tangible list to see how much I have accomplished by next week.

1. Research computer and tv purchase for mom
2. Computer purchase for work?
3. Exchange air mattress at Walmart
4. Clean TJ's room
5. Clean the upstairs hallway
6. Assess school schedules for all three kids and plot out remainder of the year plan
7. Go through clothes in my closet
8. Prepare for bible study on Sunday
9. Meal plan for entire week
10. Write out calendar for entire week
11. Finish living room cleaning
12. Get outside
13. Start taking vitamens
14. Start exercising??????

Okay, that's enough. Work stuff goes in there as well, but that doesn't have to be written down as that's a given. We'll see what happens in a week and how much progress I can make.

Overall, I just want to keep a positive attitude and keep looking up!


Joyce said...

It sounds like you are busy with good things. Sometimes I guess doing the things takes precedence over documenting them for posterity. It's that way with baby books at least. Baby #1 usually gets the best book. :) After that the mommy is just to busy.

Melanie said...

Looks like you have things all planned out. Blogging is a habit that evolves. I've settled down to about 4 posts a week more or less. I just can't come up with something to write every day. Have a great day!