Monday, December 1, 2008

Words from the peanut gallery...

Just want to post a couple of sayings from the past few weeks that I want to remember.

Today, from JD: "Why do we need school anyway? Just lead a simple life and you don't need to worry about anything."

After going out for a birthday supper, we (TJ and I) were given a free hot fudge sundae in honor of our birthdays. We ate it as a family and as I stood up when we finished the dessert, JT quips, "Mom, I guess it's true that chocolate does go straight to the hips." OUCH!

Yesterday, we had the first Sunday in about 5 months where we haven't had some responsibilities at church so we decided to relax in the morning and do home church. Each of the kiddos brought their own devotion. JD read about Moses being put into a papyrus basket, and then had us weave small baskets using yarn and cut paper cups. TJ sang a song, told us what she was thankful for, and then instructed us to all draw pictures of a character for our nativity sets. Brad and JT did angels, JD and I did shepherd boys, and TJ did a wiseman on an elephant. (She loves JD's wisemen from his set) Then, JT did a bible bingo where he read words out from a verse and we had to locate them on his 5 handwritten sheets (it took him most of the morning to create). I won the first round, and so he wanted to see if we could get another winner. Well, JD wins the second round, so he hands JD a piece of paper that says to look up Matthew 5:22. Creative boy - go to the verse and read it for yourself to see how this story is funny. Glad he's studying the bible for some verses he can use for personal application! I guess we are taking the bible VERY literally. :)

Oh, and here's one hot off the presses - just in. JD just walked in with two taper candles sticking out of his ears stating, "Wow, I really have a problem with ear wax."

Just some things to laugh about...

Okay, looking back, it appears that maybe the Sunday story may only be funny to us. :)

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