Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas vacation

As a child, I am sure I enjoyed and looked forward to school breaks, but now, as a teaching parent, Christmas break is the best! While I love homeschooling my kiddos, the break in the action, particularly for my mental health, is essential and wonderful!

My first impulse is to see how many things I can get done...should I pull out the pictures and start scrapbooking? How about a deep down cleaning in all the rooms? Time to get some stuff ready for Goodwill to drop off...My list could go on and on. I have found though, what I don't do very well is good old fashioned sitting. I have a hard time sitting and just doing nothing. Or reading a good book. I feel guilty and feel as if I should be doing something productive since the time is so fleeting and in short supply. Between trying to have enough time to keep up the house and do things for Brad's work, I don't feel I have much time leftover for relaxing.

But, this vacation, I hope to find time to sit back and relax. I want to play games with the kids, do some baking, organize some shelves. The two week break is going to go by much too quickly, so my goal is to enjoy it to its fullest (which means not sitting in front of the computer all day!) I'll let you know how it goes... :)



Joyce said...

I do hope you get some game-playing time in. The children just love it when momma joins in. That's how it is here. :)

Melanie said...

Hi, Sara, Just stopped by to wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas!