Monday, December 15, 2008

A Simple Woman's Daybook - December 15, 2008

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For today...

Outside my window...blowing snow, but sunny. It is a beautiful scene as I can see a bright red cardinal on the feeder.

I am absolutely cold it is, and questioning why I live in is minus 10 degrees right now! That's without the wind chill. UGH.

From the learning are on a 15 minute break so they are enjoying some quick play time in the basement

I am thankful for...a warm house, a cup of coffee, and the beauty of the snow cover

From the pot is on, need to plan something with hamburger for supper

I am wearing...slippers, wool socks, pjs and my comfy warm robe still. Might stay in it all day as it is toasty!!

I am reading...not much right now, but need to pick up another Karen Kingsbury book that I have on hold at the library - can't wait!!

I am get some more shopping done despite the cold, that our Angel Tree at work gets a few more gifts, and that our secret gift giving can come together for a special family

I am creating...hmmm, not much right now. Focusing on finishing things rather than creating at the moment!

I am hearing...happy, giggling sounds from my daughter while she's playing with her brothers

Around the house...things seem to be under control. Need to figure out how to best organize our gloves, mittens and all the boots for the winter

One of my favorite things...something warm in my cup, preferably coffee

A few plans for the rest of the week...Christmas baking, storage room organization, working in the office, Christmas cards perhaps, work stuff, finalize Christmas shopping as the festivities start Saturday!

May God bless your week!


Anonymous said...

Keep warm! Nothing beats hot, fresh coffee on a cold day.

Joyce said...

May God bless your week, too, Sarah. I enjoyed reading your Daybook today. Well, I certainly feel put in my place, since you have it so much colder than us, and we are having our coldest weather since 1990! Tomorrow evening we're expecting snow to go with it.

I'm with ya on that nice hot coffee. :P

Melanie said...

Hi, Sarah. Just wanted to stop by and say I enjoyed your Simple Woman's Daybook. I love my coffee too. Our Florida weather has been too warm for my taste at this time of year. I'd love some more cold temps although yours sounds a bit extreme! Stay warm!