Monday, November 10, 2008

Goals for the week

What a spectacular weekend we had with my family! We headed to Minneapolis on Friday afternoon and were able to reach mom's house by supper time. Luckily, the wind and snow didn't cause any problems for us and we arrived safely. So fun to be together with everyone...I always find it so amazing that the cousins can all just pick right up where they left off, finding things to bridge the age gaps, and have so much fun together. Many families can barely spend an afternoon together, let alone a weekend (or longer!), but we are so blessed to enjoy each other and revel in the games and talking. That connection is amazing and I appreciate having not only brothers and a sister and a mom that I love to be with, but also my special sisters-in-law and a brother-in-law who are so integral to our family. I am so thankful that my siblings have godly partners who are an integral part of the binding that makes us family. I can't wait until Christmas when we are all together again!

This week we have additional goals of continuing on the path of "operation responsibility" for our children. We're going to start the deep cleaning process of working in their rooms, and while JT's doesn't phase me in the least, JD and TJ's rooms are probably going to put me over the edge. I am, most likely, going to run screaming from their rooms more than once this week, so plan to have a few extra pots of coffee on hand to take with me as I sit in my room, rocking myself back and forth while reminding myself that someday their future partners will thank us for our diligence in this responsibility department. I believe there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth this week, so don't worry about calling in the authorities. We're just throwing Lego magazines/pictures/Burger King crowns/pictures/scraps of paper/wrappers/ etc. away. They'll survive.

Also a big week as we plan to complete the Colonial America unit and I need to decide if I'm going to break from the lesson plans and go into a self run demonstration/reporting unit complete with diagrams, oral and written reports, etc. Still thinking on that. Need to renew my K12 contract this week as well so have to get my stuff in order to think through the next year on this.

Off to the next school subject - snack break is long over.

Have a great day in God!

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