Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still the rain comes...

Well, actually, it has stopped for the time being. We are well over two inches in the past couple of days, so that is wonderful moisture to have entering into the winter! I'm just glad it came in the form of rain, not snow!

Unfortunately, all that rain presented a problem. We were in the basement last night when JD said he heard a drip. Sure enough, in one part of our basement water was dripping out of the light socket. That is never good! After further investigation to find the source, we realized that two of our outside windows have a seal that must be leaking and the circumstances (wind direction, rain) were just right to have the rain drip through the edges, run in and filter down between the outside wall and the sheet rock, and puddle up under the WOOD floor. AARGH! This obviously had been going on the whole day as the wood floor on our main level is slightly buckled and curling from the water seepage. So, now it is 11:00pm and we're trying to figure out how to stop the water from coming in. It soaks a towel in about 2 hours (actually two towels - one for each window) so I'm back to feeling like I have a newborn as I get up every couple of hours to switch out the towels to keep the wetness off the windowsills. Thankfully, the rain has stopped for now and everything is slowly drying up. But, the damage to the floors is probably done, and we are most likely going to have to replace those windows as they face north and will continue to get ransacked.

So, despite all that, Brad managed to get up this morning a bit after 4am to head up to the bible school in Minneapolis with some people from church. Full day bus trip (we're calling it a pilgrimage since we're studying colonial America) but at least he got to sleep a bit when they left at 5am. He'll be back by 6pm and then my guess is that we'll have an early bedtime tonight after last night's fiasco!

Despite all the issues, I'm thankful we have a roof over our head to protect us, and the opportunity to be home to teach our children each day thanks to Brad's business and dedication. Things can change so quickly in this economy - a close friend's husband lost his job this week for the second time in two years and it just goes to show that you never know when things will change. Makes us even more thankful for what we have right now. It's so easy to complain, but I'm trying to do better with that. :)

On that note, may God bless your day...

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