Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A rainy day...

Today is one of those days that all you want to do is sleep in! I am tempted to chuck the whole day of school in order to have everyone curl up with a good book and read the day away. Hopefully, we can progress through our day in a pretty quick manner so we can spend some reading time this afternoon.

Brad and I were able to get away yesterday for a date! Wow - we haven't been to a movie together that hasn't involved 3 kiddos since I can't remember when! We actually went to the regular movie theatre, and ended up paying as much for popcorn as we did for our matinee tickets. But, it was super fun to just be together and the movie "Fireproof" was amazing. What a powerful message about marriage and we felt it spoke to the Gospel message very clearly and with great impact. We have a number of people we would like to bring to the movie, but, unfortunately, it is only here until Thursday. Maybe it will end up being held over yet another week so we can have that opportunity.

Well, off to school for the day. Got my cup of coffee steaming and ready to go - JD is first up with math and we're doing reciprocals today.

May God bless your day!

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